We educate young women and men for better professional skills to make a living.
Approximately € 46 per person per year.


  • Agricultural training.
  • Training in hairdressing, tailoring and ICT.
  • Building of a training center.


  • Increase access to cost effective reusable sanitary pads for low income setting young people and adolescent girls (5.000 pieces has been sold) - tailoring is used to produce the sanitary pads.
  • Improvement of the hygiene.
  • 24 adolescent girls were trained in tailoring - increase income, get self-reliant and independent.
  • 26 girls were rescued from child marriage - rehabilitated through skilling them in hairdressing.
  • 15 young people were trained in ICT.
  • 30 young people were skilled in Charcoal Briquettes production.
  • Produced 4.000 liters of liquid soap - distributed to 1.200 to young girls and women of Lango and Acholi sub region.
  • 20 young girl and women were trained in the production of liquid soap.
  • Especially important in Covid times the hygiene were improved.

Our Strategy

  • Increase the number of trainees in 2024 to 400 young people (Tailoring, Hairdressing, Computer).
  • Build a training center.
  • Further update educational tools und skilling.
  • Improve marketing (fundraising) and communication to donors.